Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My Religion

(Entropic Myopia)

After much thought,
much consideration,
not for naught,
my deliberation,

Twenty eight years,
of life on Earth,
pain and tears,
laughter, mirth,

Watching sorrow,
hatred, war,
every morrow,
only more,

Joy with this,
my religion,
I've decided.

Monday is my
day to be,
a follower of,

Tuesday comes,
and quickly too,
so I choose,
to use voodoo.

On Wednesday morn,
I turn agnostic,
by Thursday noon,
of course I'm Gnostic.

Friday's fluid,
I think I'll say,
I'll be a Druid,
(and on Arbor Day).

On Saturday,
I won't be chicken,
and on the Sabbaths,
I'll be Wiccan.

On Sundays I'll be
Irish Catholic,
Because they have such
cool churches and stuff.

(Yeah, well YOU make the damned thing rhyme!)


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