Sunday, November 12, 2006

About This Blog

Sometimes there are things I want to address, but outside the context of UDoJ. I've been thinking about setting up a separate blog for that.

Here it is.

I suppose instead of just writing this damned post out, I'll let it evolve. (I'm a highly skilled procrastinator.)

About me...

First of all, I was going to say that I'm the author of UDoJ. But the truth is the girls have taken on such a life of their own that I'm really just the secretary that takes dictation.

In the meatoverse, I'm disabled. I wrecked my neck in a fall at work back a few years ago, and I've been a fairly useless lump since then.

I've got a lovely second wife (who also happens to be my first wife). She's the lucky lady who gets to listen to me snore, gets kicked out of bed because I can't sleep well and I toss and turn, and puts up with all my whining about my neck, back, arms, and legs that never work the way they're supposed to.

We were married the first time back in the late '80s. We were way too young to be goin' around all married and crap. We wound up divorced in the mid '90s, though we remained best friends. Fortunately for me, sometime around the turn of the millenium she realized the error of her ways, and knew she just couldn't live without me. So we reunited, and after much begging, I agreed to marry her again.

(Alright, this is MY blog and I can remember things any way I want, reality be damned.)

Two great kids from the first time we were married. Their idea of a good time is trying to see who can make me insane the fastest. They're rather accomplished in that regard.

My aging but active Pop lives with us, and shares coffee and conversation with me in the mornings. Then he goes off and does whatever it is old farts do.

We've got a fairly recent addition to our little family who seems to have a foot fetish. Shakespeare is his name, and chewing any type of footwear is his game. Born in mid-July, he's a Golden Retriever, and he's a handful to keep up with. It's like having a toddler in the house again. Pain in my butt. Good thing I like him.

About this blog...

Like this post, I suppose I'll just let the blog evolve. I'm kinda shootin' for a more mellow tone here than at UDoJ, but we'll see what happens.


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