Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Two Girls Puking

Yuck. Both my wife, and now my daughter, have some strange disease where they are spending their days and nights praying to the porcelain God.

So we're not sure what they've got, or where it came from, but it's a nasty bug they've contracted.

And now, of course, I'm starting to feel it creeping up. I'm hopeful, though, because it hit both of them like a truck out of nowhere. There was no lead up, no progressively feeling worse and worse, which is what I've been feeling. Maybe mine is psychological.

Then again, maybe it's a mutated virus about to make me wish for Death.

2 Eloquent Orations:

On 12/09/2006 12:40:00 PM, Blogger Kristine waxed damned near poetic whilst opining...

Get well soon! Kisses to everyone! Skeptic germs!


On 12/09/2006 01:26:00 PM, Blogger Lou FCD waxed damned near poetic whilst opining...

Thanks, Kristine.

The girls are better, but as I feared...



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